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main Luna Sea was found by J and Inoran in 1988. In 1997, Luna Sea became "inactivated", while the members came out for solo works. They got together again in 1998 and, they were at pause again in 99.7, after their record-breaking concert "CAPACITY INFINITY". They aren't as productive as before, but their music remains to be attractive, with more new elements adding in, as we can see from the last original album "LUNACY". It seems unavoidable that a band will come to an end some time, but it still shocked many SLAVES when they announced their disband (or indefinite pause to be more appropriate, because they do not deny the possibility of coming together again in the future) in 00.11.
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SUGIZO 001225/1228

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LUNA SEA will reunite for one night only on 12/27, for a live concert in Tokyo Dome titled "God Bless You ~One Night Dejavu~." see the official website for more details.