:: 990129 kuroyume disbanded ::
main "I have one thing which I didn't tell you. At the beginning of this year, Hitoki and me had had many conversation about our future activities, and many ideas had arisen. We have decided to make this live on 99.1.29 as a boundary to stop Kuroyume's activities. The time of pausing is unlimited... This is very sad, but I have managed to announce this result of our discussion... I sincerely thank all of you for your support in the past 8 years. It is you who make today's me. Hitoki is thinking in the same way as me. Although we cannot see you on the stage in the near future, but finally...for past of us, future of us, future of you...
"Like @ Angel".

Kuroyume Last Live at Nagoya

:: 990129 kuroyume last live (captured from last video "LIVE OR DIE") ::
:: kuroyume featured song ::
Like @ Angel live version
from album 1997.10.31 LIVE AT shinjuku Loft
:: l i s t e n ::
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