:: introduction to GLAY ::
main GLAY was found by Takuro and Teru in 1988. In 1989, another guitarist Hisashi joined. After graduation in 1990, they went to Tokyo, hoping to continue their music life. The last member Jiro joined in 1991, who is a bassist. Soon after Jiro joined GLAY, the name GLAY started to glow...
GLAY is with no doubt the most popular band in Japan now. But as they grow bigger and bigger, are they losing their way to a fully 'commercial' band? There is quite a group of people, including me, who love the old days of GLAY, but not the GLAY now. Are they a sellout now? I really miss Teru in long hair who sings "Rain" in such a passion...
:: GLAY featured song ::
summer gate
from omnibus album History of EXTASY
:: d o w n l o a d ::
:: GLAY special ::
hear the voice of TAKURO!
:: l i s t e n ::
:: GLAY news flash ::
VIDEO GLAY 5 is out now! next video "GLAY ONE LOVE in Beijing" will be released on 12.18. They are now in the process of switching their record company from Pony Canyon to TOSHIBA-EMI.

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