:: 20231019 everfree of atsushi ::
shocking news emerged on 20231024 from the official BUCK-TICK website that vocal atsushi passed away 5 days ago on 20231019 due to brain stem hemorrhage. BUCK-TICK was performing live at kt zepp yokohama for a fan club exclusive event when atsushi felt ill after just 3 songs. he was rushed to a hospital and was pronounced dead at 11:09 on the same night. all remaining live tour performances, including budokan on 20231229 have been cancelled.

such a tremendous loss, many would consider losing atsushi as the biggest loss in the jrock scene for 25 years since hide in 1998. the future of BUCK-TICK remains uncertain after losing one of its founding members for a band which only had one lineup change dating back to their pre-debut days, when atsushi replaced araki, the original vocalist.

:: introduction ::
main BUCK-TICK is a visual band with long history. BUCK-TICK, which means "fire-cracker", was formed in late 1985. The members are Atsushi, Hisashi, Hidehiko (Hide), Yutaka (U-Ta) and Toll. They are famous but not as popular as some bands emerged out around the same days as them, probably their music style is not so poppish. They do have some pop stuff, as in their latest album "ONE LIFE, ONE DEATH". The members said they intend to make this album "a book which will be placed in the very front part of a bookstore instead of high on a shelf somewhere deep inside the bookstore".
featured song ::
from single TO-SEARCH
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:: BUCK-TICK news flash ::
after atsushi's sudden passing, BUCK-TICK is now trending on spotify, with 7 songs occupying the top 20 spots in the "viral 50 - japan" playlist, the top song being "JUST ONE MORE KISS" on 3rd.
BUCK-TICK is releasing a live video "TOUR ONE LIFE, ONE DEATH FINAL" late March next year, which will be a recording of their tour final at budokan on 12.29. Also, Atsushi and Hisashi will have a foreign project "SCHWEIN". Members include Atsushi, Hisashi, Pig's Raymond Watts and MDFM's Sascha Konierzo. They will release an album in 20001 spring, which will be available in Japan and America. They will also have live tours.
BUCK-TICK is now under BMG FUNHOUSE label and new single "GLAMOROUS", their first item under BMG, has been released on 9.6. The new album "ONE LIFE, ONE DEATH", officially to be released on 9.20, is already available now.
BUCK-TICK's contract with Mercury Records has ended, and they are moving to a new label. Mercury Records is going to release a B-T best album "97BT99" on 3.29.
A little while ago, mass media spread a rumour that Atsushi was married lately, but this rumour was turned down by Atsushi himeself quickly.