kiyoharu N a m e : kiyoharu (清春/森清治)

B i r t h d a y : 1968.10.30

B i r t h p l a c e : Gifu, Tajimi, Nagoya

B l o o d T y p e : A

P o s i t i o n : Vocal

* kiyoharu is the vocal of the disbanded Kuroyume. After the disolution of Kuroyume in 99.1.29, kiyoharu formed Sads in 99.5. His biggest interest is shopping.

N a m e : Taketomo Sakashita (阪下丈朋)

B i r t h d a y : 1968.3.8

Birthplace : Wakkanai, Hokkaido

P o s i t i o n : Guitar

* Sakashita is the guitarist of TRANS. He participated in the recordings of many bands, like Dragon Ash and Kuroyume. In 1998, he became the guest guitarist of Kuroyume's long tour "CORKSCREW A GO GO". You can see his appearance in the video "LIVE OR DIE" of Kuroyume.

N a m e : Kobayashi Masaru (小林膀)

B i r t h d a y : 1967.12.9

B i r t h p l a c e : Tokyo

B l o o d T y p e : O

P o s i t i o n : Bass

* Masaru is the session bassist of Sads since single "sky of forgetfulness". He joined as regular bassist on 00.12.7, announced during the live that night in Osaka HALL.

N a m e : Masahiro Muta (牟田昌廣)

B i r t h d a y : 1968.4.12

B i r t h p l a c e : Aichi, Gamagoori

P o s i t i o n : ex-Drums

* Muta is the drummer of Satisfaction. He left SADS on 01.3.1 due to "difference in music style".

tanuma N a m e : Tetsuhiro Tanuma (田沼徹浩)

B i r t h d a y : 1968.4.24

B i r t h p l a c e : Saitama, Kazo

B l o o d T y p e : A

ex-Bassist of Sads

* Tanuma is the bassist of SOUP. He left Sads after the UK tour.

*Sads is formed by kiyoharu, vocal of the disbanded Kuroyume. 99.1.29 is a tragic day for Kuroyume's fans, but kiyoharu is now on the stage again. Kiyoharu formed "Sads" in 99.5, together with his own new label "FULL FACE". The name "Sads", as mentioned by kiyoharu, has no special meaning. Surprisingly, Sads's first live tour in 99.6 was not held in Japan; instead, it was held in United Kingdom, thousands of miles away from Japan. Kiyoharu said it was to test Sads' ability to compete in the world level. Sads' debut maxi single "TOKYO" was released on 99.7.7. Bringing the tradition of kuroyume, Sads is a band heavily based on lives. You cannot feel their full power unless you have seen their live performances.
Their official fanclub is called "RUBBERSOLE".