Ryuichi N a m e : Ryuichi (河村隆一)

B i r t h d a y : 1970.5.20

B i r t h p l a c e : Kanagawa, Japan

B l o o d T y p e : O

P o s i t i o n : Vocal, writing lyrics
*Ryuichi is the only child in his family, and his parents divorced when he was young. During high school, he formed a band called SLAUGHTER, of which members including DEEP's JUN. Then he met LUNACY and joined it immediately.

N a m e : Sugizo (杉原康宏)

B i r t h d a y : 1969.7.8

B i r t h p l a c e : Kanagawa, Japan

B l o o d T y p e : O

P o s i t i o n : Guitar, violin, writing melody
*Sugizo has a younger sister with his parents, both were professional orchestra members. Sugizo practised violin since 3 years old, but he didn't like it. He began to listen to rock music in high school, like YMO and JAPAN. His parents didn't allow him to listen to rock music, and he always argued with them. Then his parents divorced, which made him more self-enclosed and rebelling. He met Shinya and formed a band called PINOCCHIO, which later merged with LUNACY.

Inoran N a m e : Inoran (井上清信)

B i r t h d a y : 1970.9.29

B i r t h p l a c e : Hokkaidou, Japan

B l o o d T y p e : ?

P o s i t i o n : Guitar, writing melody
*Inoran has two younger brothers. He was in the same high school with J and Sugizo. Inoran made freind with J in Secondary 2 and always went to J's home after school. Then he formed LUNACY with J. He is the coolest guy in LUNA SEA, never said a word in live concerts.

N a m e : J (小野瀨潤)

B i r t h d a y : 1970.8.12

B i r t h p l a c e : Tokyo, Japan

B l o o d T y p e : AB

P o s i t i o n : Bass, writing melody
*J has a elder sister, who influenced him to love rock music. He was very bad in primary 6; he smoked in his school's gymanasium and burnt his own home! In high school he met Inoran and formed LUNACY with him. He is the best friend of Inoran, it's J who know the mysterious and cool Inoran most in LUNA SEA!

Shinya N a m e : Shinya (山田真矢)

B i r t h d a y : 1970.1.13

B i r t h p l a c e : Kanagawa, Japan

B l o o d T y p e : O

P o s i t i o n : Drum
*Shinya has one elder sister, two elder brothers and one younger brother. His father was a traditional Japanese music player, so Shinya practised deko (a kind of drum) since very young. His brother's wife was Sugizo's teacher, so he heard of Sugizo's name since primary school, but he didn't notice that it was Sugizo until he knew Sugizo in high school.

*LUNA SEA was basically formed by two bands: LUNACY with J and Inoran, and PINOCCHINO with Sugizo and Shinya. Both bands were active in the live houses in Kanagawa. Ryuichi was the vocal of another band SLAUGHTER. In a live event, LUNACY and SLAUGHTER both took a part; Sugizo and Inoran were amazed by Ryuichi's performance. At the meantime, members of LUNACY and PINOCCHINO were facing high school graduation, and the problem of member losing was very serious. Then Shinya thought of merging two bands together. In the first live of the new LUNACY, Ryuichi, one of the audience, was shocked by their performance and determined to join this band. It so happened that LUNACY was finding a vocalist, and they found Ryuichi. Ryuichi then quitted SLAUGHTER and joined LUNACY, and the member formation had settled down: Ryuichi on vocal, Sugizo and Inoran on guitar, J on bass and Shinya on drums.
After graduation, they went to Tokyo to continue the life of LUNA SEA. They begain to boom in 1990. Then J suggested to change the name from LUNACY to LUNA SEA. Their first and the only Indies Album "LUNA SEA" was released under YOSHIKI's Extasy Record.
They joined MCA Records in 1992 and released their major debut album "IMAGE" in May. They went on well with their releases and live concerts, like "MOTHER OF LOVE MOTHER OF HATE" and Dome Tour "LUNATIC TOKYO" in 1995.
In 96.12.23, they held the first winter outdoor concert in Japan in Yokohama Stadium. In the concert, they announced the pause of LUNA SEA's activities in 1997. Everyone was shocked, and many thought that it was equivalent to disband. However, all the members promised LUNA SEA would reborn after 1997. In 1997, all the members went well with their solo works, especially Ryuichi who became the hottest male singer in Japan in 1997.
LUNA SEA's activities were restarted in 1998. Every member brought new musical elements to LUNA SEA. LUNA SEA is undoubtfully one of the greatest JRock bands in the 90s.
In 99.5.29, LUNA SEA released their first live best album "NEVER SOLD OUT". In the next day, they held their 10-year-anniversary concert "CAPACITY INFINITY" at TOKYO BIG SITE. 100,000 SLAVES attended the concert, which was a record in Japanese music history (this record was broken by GLAY's concert soon after that with 200,000 capacity). Shortly after the concert, LUNA SEA announced their second pause with a span of half or whole year. All SLAVES were shocked, but it was believed that this pause served as an ending of the first decade of LUNA SEA. Will LUNA SEA have their second decade? Third decade? All SLAVES were waiting for the answer.
The answer came out on 00.11.6 in a radio appearance of Ryuichi. He implied in the show that LUNA SEA is disbanding at the end of the year, and it was confirmed later officially. It of course deep shocked all SLAVES. The reason for the breaking up, according to Sugizo, is that they have grown up and they are focussing at different things now, and that they cannot "shine as brightly as they can if they are apart than if they are together". The good news is that all members will probably continue their music career and they do not deny the possibility of getting together again in the future. In the new century, let's explore LUNA SEA in the new form.
Their official fanclub is called "SLAVE".