hyde N a m e : hyde (Takarai Hideto)

H o r o s c o p e : Capricorn

B i r t h p l a c e : Osaka

H e i g h t : 158 centimetres

P o s i t i o n : Vocal

* hyde is the only child in his family. he was very like a girl and always cryied during his choldhood. In secondary 3, he bagan to love heavy metal music. After graduating from an artistic professional school, he began his music career.

N a m e : ken (_)

B i r t h d a y : 11.28

B i r t h p l a c e : Osaka

B l o o d T y p e : AB

P o s i t i o n : Guitar

* ken has an elder sister. he knew tetsu since his childhood, but lost contact after high school, until tetsu called ken to join LARUKU. Before joining LARUKU, ken was studying in an university in Nagoya, and he hasn't finished this degree yet...he has a lovely cat called Elizabeth.

tetsu N a m e : tetsu

B i r t h d a y : 67.3.10

B i r t h p l a c e : Osaka

B l o o d T y p e : A

P o s i t i o n : Bass

B a s s M o d e l : ESP tetsu ELT

* tetsu is the leader of LARUKU. He has two younger sisters who always call him "tetsu san" instead of "brother"...In Primary school, he liked to listen to Kenji Sawada and YMO. In high school, he joined his seniors' band "Bystonwell". After graduation, he left home and beagn his band activities, as well as part time job. He loves to watch movies and animes in spare time.

N a m e : yukihiro

B i r t h d a y : 11.24

B i r t h p l a c e : Chiba

P o s i t i o n : Drums

* yukihiro joined LARUKU in 97.6, after ex-drums sakura left the band in 97.4. Before joining LARUKU, yukihiro was in another band "DIE IN CRIES".

*L'Arc~en~ciel was formed by tetsu in Osaka, in 91.2. Initial members included tetsu on bass, Hiro on guitar, hyde on vocal and Pero on drums. Both hyde and Pero came from another band "Jersarems Rods". The name "L'Arc~en~ciel" was from tetsu, after seeing a French movie with the same title. LARUKU's first live was in 91.5, in Naniwa ROCKETS. In 92.6, HIRO quitted. Tetsu called ken to join; 3 days later, tetsu called ken again at 4 AM and ken replied "OK, no problem" ken joined LARUKU in 92.6. In 92.10.1, an ominbus CD "GIMMICK" was released with LARUKU's "Voice". In 92.11, their first single "Floods of tears/yorusouhana" was released. At the end of 92.12, Pero quitted and sakura joined in 93.1.16. In 93.4.27, their first album "DUNE" was released, and ranked first in Oricon Indies Chart and in May, they had their first tour "CLOSE BY DUNE". In 94.7.1, their major debut video single "nemuriniyosete" was released. Since major debut, they had been keeping busy with concerts, recordings and releases.
A tragic news broke out in 97.2, as LARUKU's member sakura was accused of drug affairs. All activities of LARUKU was stopped. In June, yukihiro joined as the new drummer and LARUKU was active again.
1998 was definitely the year of LARUKU. They released 7 singles, 1 album and 2 videos in 1998, all with great sales figures. LARUKU is now one of the greatest bands in Japan.