::why ring?::
1. to be best of my knowledge, is the oldest and largest surviving jrock webring.
2. we have gone through so many ring system transitions (from to the infamous yahoo, then to crickrock) that we now host our ring system in our own server. so finally we have full control over the ring system.
3. active ring management: ring cleanup will be done regularly to ensure all member sites have their fragment codes up.
4. increase exposure of your site.
5. get even more exposure when your site is featured in our main page.
::can my site join the ring?::
by joing the ring, you agree to the following:
1. keep your site jrock-related, to the minimal extent of one jrock-related page. the ringmaster will have the final say on what is jrock-related and what is not.
2. notify the webmaster in case of closing/moving your website.
3. place and keep a ring fragment (as shown at the bottom) onto your site's FRONT PAGE/MAIN PAGE as long as your site is in the ring. fragment in a 'webring/link' page is generally not permitted, unless your URL entry in the ring is the webring/link page, which means when people access your site by the ring, they will be directed to that webring/link page instead of your front page/mainp age.
::how to join the ring?::
1. submit the form.
2. you will receive a notification email. add the ring fragment code from the email to your main page or front page (see above). you can also retrieve the html codes by logging in here.
3. rules on code modification: please keep the ring logo. you can resize it or apply effects on it. for example, you can negative the ring logo for a white/light background. the code should also include links of previous site, next site, random site, list, and home. if you don't know what this is all about, just use the default code.
4. upload your updated html page with the ring fragment, and check if the fragment looks okay.
5. notify the ringmaster. please include your site id and site url in your email.

:: ring ::

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