:: GLAY profile ::


name: TERU

real name: kobashi teruhiko (小橋照彥)

birthdate: 1971.6.8

birthplace: hakodate, hokkaidou, japan (北海道函館市)

blood type: o

position: vocal

was a drummer before joining GLAY and was a schoolmate of TAKURO in primary and secondary schools. after joining GLAY, TAKURO appreciated TERU's voice and made him a vocal. although TERU was a drummer, other members have never seen him playing drums (except TAKURO I guess). Teru has one elder and one younger sister with his parents. he is very good at cookery, and all the members appreciate his food. he is married to PUFFY's onuki ami. they have a baby girl who was born in 03.3.9.

name: TAKURO

real name: kubo takuro (久保琢郎)

birthdate: 1971.5.26

birthplace: hokodate, hokkaidou, japan (北海道函館市)

blood type: o

position: guitar

is the leader of GLAY who is also the main composer and lyrics writer. before forming GLAY, he was in a punk band called GUEST-AP. afterwards, TAKURO didn't want any more punk, so GUEST-AP was disbanded and TAKURO formed GLAY. He has a elder sister and his father passed away during his childhood. TAKURO admires john lennon.


real name: tonomura hisashi (外村尚)

birthdate: 1972.2.2

birthplace: hokodate, hokkaidou, japan (北海道函館市)

blood type: p

position: guitar

was in the same high school with TAKURO. before joining GLAY, he was in a band called ANT (蟻). at first, HISASHI didn't like GLAY, thinking that they were just a copy band of BOOWY. later, however, he appreciated TAKURO's determination and joined GLAY after ANT's breakup. HISASHI is definitely the coolest guy in GLAY. he has a elder brother and his father passed away when he was in high school. his biggest interest is shopping. he got married in 1999 with a woman named izumi.

name: JIRO

real name: wayama yoshihito (和山義仁)

birthdtae: 1972.10.17

birthplace: hokodate, hokkaidou, japan (北海道函館市)

blood type: a

position: bass

was the last one to join GLAY. before joining GLAY, JIRO was in a band called PIERROT (not the PIERROT you may know). in 92.10, JIRO joined GLAY after the former bassist quitted. he was the one who pulled GLAY out of the 'dark age' and shortly after JIRO joined, YOSHIKI of X became their producer and changed GLAY completely. JIRO has one elder and two younger sisters. JIRO's name used to be linked to Judy & Mary's YUKI, until JIRO got married with reiko on 00.12.3, who is an editor of the music magazine "WHAT'S IN".

:: GLAY biography ::

the beginning of GLAY
GLAY was formed in 1988 by TAKURO in his home town of hokodate in hokkaido. TAKURO was a member of a punk band called GUEST-AP, after then he wanted to change his music style and write some elegant melodies, so GUEST-AP was disbanded and GLAY was formed. The name GLAY came from a bassist of a band called jun gray. TERU was a schoolmate of TAKURO during primary and secondary schools. during high school, TAKURO realized that TERU could play drums, so he invited TERU to join GLAY, and TERU said yes immediately. after hearing TERU's voice, TAKURO thought that he should sing instead of playing drums, so TERU became the vocal of the band. like YOSHIKI's EXTASY RECORDS, TAKURO formed SEXUAL RECORDS to release demo tape and other stuffs of GLAY and some other bands in hokkaidou. in the second year of his high school, HISASHI joined GLAY after the breakup of his former band ANT. after high school, TAKURO wanted to go to tokyo for the continuation of GLAY. however, HITOSHI the bassist and the drummer decided to continue their studies, so they found another bassist SHINGO and four of them (TAKURO, TERU, HISASHI, SHINGO) went to tokyo.
it was GLAY's 'dark age' since their arrival in tokyo until JIRO's joining. they worked in daytime and performed in live houses in the night. TERU worked in a construction company, HISASHI in a game center and convenient store, TAKURO in construction sites and then a video tape shop. the members lived in long distances and it took them hours to get together for practice. it was the toughest period for GLAY and which lasted for about 2 years, until JIRO joined.
93.10.17 was a date that changed GLAY completely. at that night, GLAY was having a live at CLUB GIO, and in the audience there was X's YOSHIKI. he invited GLAY to join Extasy Record during the live. all members of GLAY were very surprised; at first they decided to reject YOSHIKI's offer, but after chatting with him, they were moved by YOSHIKI's confidence and determination. TAKURO said they would accpet if YOSHIKI would play piano in front of them, and YOSHIKI played GLAY's 'JULIA', which was later the debut single 'RAIN'. in 94.5.25, GLAY released their only indies album "grey and diamond" by Extasy Record, as well as the debut single "RAIN".
their official fanclub is called "HAPPY SWING".

GLAY was formed in 7.2 by TAKURO, still high school student by then. he invited TERU, his schoolmate, to join the band. they bagan to have live gigs around their hometown of hakodate, hokkaido.

band members including TAKURO, TERU and HISASHI moved to tokyo after high school graduation. they continued to perform in live houses in the city.

they released 3 cassette demo tapes and all of them sold out in no time. JIRO, a member of a younger band PIERROT back in the hakodate dates, joined GLAY.

they met X's YOSHIKI during a performance in a live house near tokyo in 10.17. they signed a contract with EXTASY RECORDS in the same day. recordings of their indies debut album began in december.

they had their first one man live in february which was an instant sold out. debut single "RAIN" and indies debut album "grey and DIAMOND" were released in 5.25. their first national tour "grey and DIAMOND TOUR" began in september, with 13 concerts attracting 4000 audience.

debut major album "SPEED POP" was released on 3.1, which ranked 8th in the oricon chart. they held their 10-concert national tour "SPEED POP GIG '95" in april, attracting 8000 audience.

1996 was the breakthrough year for GLAY. 8th single "GLORIOUS" was released on 1.17, which ranked 4th in the oricon chart. 2nd album "BEAT out!" released on 2.7 was their first no. 1 album in the oricon chart. 3rd album "BELOVED" released 11.18 easily topped the oricon chart and was their first million sales. live tours "BEAT out! '96," "BEAT out! reprise" and "GLAY TOUR '96-'97 BELOVED YOU" attracted 200,000 audience in 53 concerts. their 9th single "BELOVED" was awarded "GOLDEN REQUEST" in 29th national cable award.

11th single "lips," 12th single "HOWEVER" both topped oricon chart. best album "REVIEW" was released on 10.1, sales exceeded 3 million copies in a week, which was a record in the oricon chart history. they made their first appearance in NHK's kohaku singing battle at year end.

GLAY landed their first commerical tie up with TDK in march. 13th single "temptation" and 14th single "SOUL LOVE" both released on 4.29 and was ranked 1-2 in the oricon chart. 4th album "pure soul" was released on 7.29 and topped oricon chart easily. national live tours "GLAY TOUR '98 pure soul" and "pure soul in STADIUM "SUMMER of '98" pulled a stunning 650,000 audience in 66 concerts. they made their second kohaku appearance at year end.

GLAY has achieved "dome status" with their "pure soul '99" dome tour in february, attracting 750,000 audience in 15 concerts. on 7.31, "GLAY EXPO '99 SURVIVAL" attracted another 200,000 audience in a single concert. 5th album "HEAVY GAUGE" was released on 10.20. they made their 3rd straight appearance in kohaku.

arena tour "HEAVY GAUGE" began in april with 40 concerts. singles "HAPPINESS," "MERMAID," "tomadoi/SPECIAL THANKS," "Missing You" were all instant hits.

"GLAY EXPO 2001 GLOBAL COMMUNICATION" began in july. 6th album "ONE LOVE" was released on 11.28. dome tour "2001-2002 ONE LOVE" began in december.

7th album "UNITY ROOTS & FAMILY, AWAY" was released on 9.19. "GLAY ONE LOVE in beijing" was held on 10.13 in beijing, attracting 50,000 audience.

best albums "GLAY rare collective vol.1 & 2" was released on 2.5. "GLAY HIGHCOMMUNICATIONS TOUR 2003" started in february and totaled 34 concerts.

8th album "THE FRUSTRATED" was released on 3.24. "GLAY EXPO 2004 THE FRUSTRATED" was held on 7.30. arena tour "THE FRUSTRATED" began in october.